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Simplesentencethree 3.2016.08.18 by Eclectic-Tech
Simplesentencethree 3.2016.08.18
Created by WhiteBaron  -
Maintained by Eclectic Tech
Version 3.2016.08.18

- Fixed weather skin (use wxdata rather than Yahoo)
- Fixed sunrise/sunset on sun skin (same as above)
- Added transparent background to skins to improve placement ability
- Fixed RSS links (not launching browser)

3.2.2 Changelog
- Fixed substitute problem with weather skin.
- Fixed music player variables and updated links.

3.2.1 Changelog
- Fixed substitute problem with RSS readers.

3.2 Changelog
- Added dynamic window sizes to all skins to eliminate cut offs.
- Added a network speed config.
- Added a wifi config.
- Added a CPU and RAM sentence config.
- Replaced seperate music configs with a universal music config (4 styles).
- Fixed Gmail mail count bug.
- Fixed Time and RAM colour bugs.
- Updated several configs to display messages without an internet connection.
- Update the layout and look of many configs.
- Added the preview wallpaper to the suite under Resources.

3.1.2 Changelog
- Added User config.
- Fixed Gmail config.

3.1.1 Changelog
- Added Spotify control.
- Fixed an invasion of privacy.

3.1 Changelog
- Added another Time config.
- Added 3 classic music skins from 2.1
- Added 4 Launcher configs.
- Added Gmail config.
- Added StartMenu config.
- Added text effects.
- Stopped images being stretched in the Viewers.
- Updated and included RainRGB.
- Allowed the width and height of the notes config to be modified.
- Allowed the edit bubbles to be disabled.
- Fixed a few bugs, smoothed out some code.

Thanks to:
~fediaFedia (RMConfig)
~Viperx116 (Foobar2k)
~j3concepts (Icons)
~Jeffrey Morley (RainRGB)
~Carl Krull (Fonts)
~larafairie (Preview image)

- Make sure you have the latest version of Rainmeter.
- Run Simplesentencethree.rmskin

To use skins:
- Right click on Rainmeter system tray icon > Configs > Simplesentencethree
- Navigate and click on each skin to load

To edit a skin:
- Mouseover the top left of a skin to show the edit bubble.
- Click the bubble to modify your skins.
- Double click a section of a skin (such as a sentence or meter) to change its colour.
- When you are happy with a config, you can disable the edit bubbles from popping up. To re-enable them, open up Variables.txt under the directory of the config and set HideEdit and/or HideWeatherEdit to 0.


Will display information from you Gmail account. Click the button to open Gmail.

Enter your player name on first launch. Four different skins to choose from, each with media controls and song information.

Displays cumulative uploads and downloads from your network in gigabytes. The reset bubble will appear upon mouseover of the top left of the skin, click to reset the cumulation. New speed config will show the current upload and download rates.

Displays a list of your own notes. Mouseover the top left of the skin to show the notes bubble, click to bring up a text file where you can edit your notes. After adding notes, save the text file and close. Click the box to show/hide notes. Increase the height and width to allow for more space.

Displays RSS feeds. Four readers are included, to change the feed use the edit bubble.

Displays sun rise and set times for the current day. Set your weather code by mousing over the top left and clicking the weather bubble.

Shows CPU and RAM usage. Click the eit bubble to realign the ring meters.

Displays the time, period of day, day, date, month and a message for each day of the week. Configure the skin by clicking the edit bubble in the top left.

Shows the amount of time your computer has been running for.

Displays temperature, location and weather condition. Set your weather code by mousing over the top left and clicking the weather bubble, and configure the skin by clicking the edit bubble.

Shows your current wireless network and signal strength.


Displays remaining battery life as a percentage.

Shows Recycle Bin size. Click the left box to open, the right box to empty.

Displays an analog clock. Several styles and sizes. Mouseover the middle of the clock to change colours.

Displays CPU usage as a percentage.

Displays the month, date and year in a vertical format.

Displays the remaining space in gigabytes as a number, and shows usage as a meter. Four disk space skins are included, change the drive by clicking the edit bubble.

A text launcher that will hold 4 or 8 shortcuts vertically or horizontally. Click the button to launch the shortcut.

Displays RAM usage as a percentage.

Click START to open your start menu.

Displays the current time in a vertical format.

Displays the amount of time the computer has been running in a vertical format; days, hours, minutes.

A picture slideshow in Tall (2:3) and Wide (16:10). Set the size, speed and directory by clicking the edit bubble.

Displays the date, month and current day of the week on a meter. Click the edit bubble to set the first day of the week.
CoS_Pillars by Eclectic-Tech
~ Rainmeter Stereo Audio Visualizer ~

8 Images for Pillars
5 End Caps

Image and Color Intensity change with Audio Level

Image Colors will change based on Audio Frequencies:
Blue for Low Tones
Green for Mid Tones
Red for High Tones

Requires Rainmeter 4.0 or higher
Windows7 or higher

Added 2 Images
Added Round Ribbed Background
Removed Image Masking when back is off

Modified End Caps (Replaced 3 decorative styles with modern styles) 
CoS_Domes by Eclectic-Tech
Rainmeter Visualizer

Rainmeter 4.0
Windows 7 or higher

Left-click to change color image
Middle-click to change base image (will also reset scale to default)
Scroll to scale
Right-click for Custom skin context menu with multiple options

Base images are hidden except 'up' orientation. Allows combined placement of stereo visualizers
Updated included layout with 'up' orientation and center-top placement
Corrected Base not hiding when no sound

Version 1.2016.08.18
- Expanded audio measures for better color-to-frequency ratios:
  Blues for low tones
  Greens for mid tones
  Red for high tones

Version 1.2016.08.14
- Initial Release
Modified Versa-Visualizer
Versa-Visualizer by Eclectic-Tech
Now has option to hide mouseover info
Re-packaged Dynamic
Dynamic for Rainmeter by Eclectic-Tech
Added missing Vertical World Clock

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